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The year in which someone was born will be the one used to determine their retirement time and the benefits that come with that retirement. With the advancement witnessed in the medical sector, that means that there are new medicines that tackle diseases and that makes it possible to prolong the life of an individual. As a result of the increase of life spans among people; the social security retirement age has been adjusted accordingly. Individuals can, therefore, enjoy their benefits per their age. You will note that there are people who prefer not to work after attaining a certain age and they would like to retire. Therefore, they can take advantage of the services and plan for the future. One of those plans that are incorporated while making plans for retirement are social security retirement age.

In case someone felt that they need to retire when they have not yet attained the sixty-five year mark, they could be allowed to retire at sixty-two when they demanded it. Someone was only allowed to enjoy the full benefits of retirement when they met the threshold of the sixty-five years. There are several research that is carried out before the most appropriate age for retirement is formulated. During the surveys, the organizations that are mandated to come up with the social security retirement age have to evaluate the needs of the people and what each will get at the end. Because of personal situations, an individual will choose to retire at the stipulated age or retire before the time comes. There is a less amount of money for those people who do not work up to the set age limit while those who work for long will receive the full benefits. More on social security retirement age

Apart from these two groups, there is another one that is ready and willing to work even after they have reached the retirement age. Because of all these varied situations, individuals have different opinions on how and when they want to take their break from a job. Selecting the right option for yourself can be hard, but you can start by asking for an earnings statement from the social security administration.

Data such as yearly breakdown of your incomes and also how you will collect it during the different phases of your retirement. Remember to do the math after you get the statement which normally takes about a month to be produced by the social security administration. Based on life expectancy, the social security management will calculate the earnings that you are entitled to.
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